Maintenance Contracts

Budget-Friendly Planned Maintenance For Your Equipment

We offer year to year maintenance contracts on a multitude of equipment.  A maintenance contract will benefit you in many ways:

  • Longer equipment life
  • Less downtime
  • Optimize performance
  •  Lower operating and utility costs
  •  Priority customer
  •  Discount on labor and parts

The benefits of having a maintenance contract fall into two main categories — financial and operational.

By having a maintenance contract, you get to control your downtime.  We will be able to work with your schedules by finding times for planned maintenance that are most convenient to you. For example, a school food service operation can have its maintenance scheduled for the summer and winter breaks, while other operations can arrange for service during the days and hours that are most convenient to them.

Even more, maintenance contracts reduce the number of emergency service calls needed, meaning they are less likely to have a key piece of cooking equipment fail during the busiest time of the week or have a refrigeration unit break down resulting in thousands of dollars worth of spoiled food or multiple labor hours spent unloading a malfunctioning unit.

If a piece of equipment does break down unexpectedly, having a standing relationship and maintenance contract result in better, faster service. We will be familiar with the equipment used in operation and it will be more likely that we have necessary replacement parts on the truck and ready for installation on the first visit.

Financially, the biggest benefit is lower overall service costs.  Along with fewer emergency calls throughout the year.  As a result, total spending on equipment service will be lower as well as more predictable.

Our maintenance contracts have some additional financial advantages.  Properly maintained pieces of equipment, will use less energy than equipment that aren’t regularly serviced, resulting in lower utility bills as well as your equipment lasting longer.

Call us today to see how a customized maintenance contract will benefit your company.

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